Friday, October 8, 2010

Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling is not an attractive man woman. I'd personally describe her looks as a transsexual-Gollum crossed with a fish. Once upon a time she was an average looking woman, then she had a load of unnecessary plastic surgery which didn't suit her face and lost too much weight which morphed her from plain-Jane into eyesore.

Once again, I went a little overboard - but this time it was 
definitely needed, I think. :)

What I did: Fixed that misshapen mess she calls a nose, shaved down her chin/jaw a little and pulled back her hairl
ine [to make her face seem more proportionate], fixed her uneven lip and cheek implants [notice the oddness of her right nasolabial fold and right lip in the 'Before' shot], modified her eyes into a more symmetrical and appealing shape, smoothed out her forehead a little and changed her hair colour a little, which in turn made her skin tone look healthier.

The change isn't astounding like the
Sarah Jessica Parker Makeover, but it is a vast improvement in my eyes. What do you think?

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sarah Jessica Parker

I must admit, I went a little overboard on this picture, but you can't deny she looks much better and younger. Sarah Jessica Parker has a much less witch-y appearance now, don't you think?

What I did: Fixed her misshapen nose and reduced it a little, chin/jaw reduction, plumped up her lips, raised her eyebrows slightly and defined them more, smoothed out her skin, gave her a slight tan and changed her hair colour.

Left the veins on her arm and hands because, for some reason, I find them somewhat charming. What do you think?


When I think of celebrities, I imagine impossibly tall super-humans with perfectly straight, whiter than white teeth, oodles of thick hair, flawless skin, full lips and high cheekbones (aka Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp). Because of this it is sad, and slightly off-putting, for me to think that there are those "unfortunate" [I use this term very loosely] celebrities who are surrounded by beauty everyday and will never be beautiful themselves because of their imperfection(s), some of which are brought upon themselves (source: see the whole of the Jackson family).

This prompted me to create this blog. Every so many days, I will post a 'Before and After' shot of a celebrity I have "made-over". Some will look much more attractive than others, obviously. But that is to be expected ...